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The Cruise of the Betsey

‘The Cruise of the Betsey’ was serialised in the Witness newspaper in 1845 and 1846, but wasn’t published as a book until 1856, after Hugh Miller’s death. In recent years, the book has been called “a treasure of Scottish culture” by Dr M A Taylor, editor of the 2003 National Museums of Scotland edition of the work.

It is a classic travel compendium and a work of science and social history, where Miller describes field trips, weather, landscape, geology, wildlife and the people he met in marvellous prose.

Cruise of the Betsey extracts

Cruise of the Betsey extracts

Martin Gostwick of the Friends of Hugh Miller has taken some of the best passages and created a series of fascinating annotated extracts.

Download the extracts as a Word document by clicking HERE

Download the extracts as a PDF document by clicking HERE

Read the articles online by clicking HERE

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  1. Prof. Nigel H Trewin says:

    Good work martin. Tyr and bring back from Eigg a piece of fossil pine wood from under the Sguur, and a piece of Hugh Miller’s reptile bed for the Miller Museum in Cromarty. Have a good trip, may the wind be fair and the sun shining.
    Nigel Trewin

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