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cromarty050_RJTwo exciting new resources have been developed for primary and secondary schools which are based on Hugh Miller’s voyage on the Betsey and have a focus on ‘Learning about Scotland’. We are delighted to have two excellent educational consultants involved in the production of the materials, including Sallie Harkness of Storyline Scotland (author of the successful RSGS Droving Storyline in 2013) and Alan Parkinson (RSGS Tivy medallist in 2013). The secondary resource, written by Alan, targets S3 and involves different departments (drawn from geography, science, english and history) working together over a period of 6 weeks. With support from Education Scotland, we are still interested in recruiting schools who are interested in working in partnership with us to explore a delivery model that would suit their circumstances. We want to make it as practical as possible but also want teachers to be thinking out of the box, and trying some new approaches.

Piloting of both the primary and secondary materials took place in September/October 2014 to coincide with the re-enactment of the Cruise of the Betsey.

A Pinterest board of images relevant to the Cruise was also started, to provide inspiration for those ‘following’ the voyage. As with other areas of the website, it will continue to develop during 2015.

Voyage planned for 2015

Testimony of the Rocks: Journeys through Time (20th-26th June 2015)

Inspired by the sea journeys of geologist Hugh Miller, the Scottish Geodiversity Forum (www.scottishgeodiversityforum.org ) and the Isle of Luing Community Trust (www.isleofluing.org/atlantic-islands-centre) have chartered the beautiful old sailing boat Leader again to follow the ancient sea routes taken by travellers over the ages around Scotland’s Atlantic islands. From the coracles of early Mesolithic people to Viking longboats and Cal Mac ferries, these journeys have been influenced by the rugged landscape & unpredictable weather. We are currently recruiting 14 people of all ages and backgrounds to join us on Leader from 20th -26th June 2015. At the heart of this journey will be the stories that reveal the relationship between people and place, but perhaps above all, the importance of the underlying geology of these remarkable islands in shaping people’s lives over the millennia. The cost for the week is £550 which covers full board including delicious home cooked food. No sailing experience is required. Some sponsored places may be available, especially for younger people. For further information contact joyce@scottishgeodiversityforum.org

Do you have a question about the voyages or the resources ?
Ask us below and we’ll try to answer as soon as possible.


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