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kenny taylor portrait iceland avtI’m a writer, naturalist and musician who works in non-fiction based on wildlife, science, culture and history through books and a variety of other media. This includes magazines such as BBC Wildlife and The Nature of Scotland, scripts and interviews for television, radio and video, courses and workshops, apps and theatre performances.

Trained as behavioural ecologist, I draw inspiration from many aspects of science, arts and wider heritage. Those are all aspects of why I’ve travelled to most of the major puffin breeding areas in Europe and North America and chased auroras from Alaska, through Canada to arctic Norway. It’s also why I help to run local arts and biodiversity conservation groups.

Based on the Cromarty Firth side of the Black Isle, I’ve long been interested in local hero Hugh Miller’s many facets as a scientist, communicator and thinker, not least in the complexity of his character and breadth of knowledge. Since I’ve strong links with Eigg (I was part of the buy-out campaign team and have had friends on the island for decades), I’m also intrigued by his links to the Small Isles, where I’ve helped to run SpeyGrian courses in the past.

I’ve experimented a bit with using geology as the starting point for making links between landscape, nature and culture in the ‘Infinite Scotland’ project, which combined web-based information and a multimedia theatre tour in 2013. So I’m keen to be a shipmate of geologists, artists, storytellers and others who can share and develop different perspectives of the great man and make me think in fresh ways about connections between rocks and people.


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