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kate-campbellWho am I?

Hi. I am Kate Campbell….

I have always loved the outdoors and I have always thought of myself as a bit of an amateur geologist. I grew up in the wilds of Derbyshire and then California.  As a child, I collected rocks and fossils with a passion…lots of them.

My educational background is in environmental/outdoor education. Since I moved to Scotland in 1990, I have worked for Grounds for Learning, the Scottish Wildlife Trust, Eco-Schools Scotland and I now work at Sustrans Scotland.

Why am I coming?

I am a trustee of the SpeyGrian Educational Trust, which Joyce set up in 2000. I have been privileged to join teachers and others sailing on the west coast of Scotland on ‘Leader’ twice before (2003/2004). I think the west coast is one of the most beautiful, inspirational and amazing places in the world; so any excuse to do that again for me wasn’t to be missed.

I also know something of Hugh Miller and his journey on the Betsey, having studied ‘A’ and ‘S’ level geology, and would love to find out more about him. I am also keen to campaign for the teaching of geology in Scottish schools as a subject in its own right – it plays such a key role in bringing many other curricular areas together.

What I can contribute…

Hopefully my interest in geology, my experience of working in Scottish schools and my passion for sailing and the west coast of Scotland will all add to the mix.


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