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Issie MacPhail


Issie MacPhail
Issie MacPhail is a cultural geographer and community worker, living in north west Sutherland. Her cultural praxis and curation is delivered and explored through intimate events. Highlights include Summer in the Straths, a 150 mile journey on foot on the old travellers’ routes, with the ‘old’ travelers; Claim of Crofting, a docu-theatre project in Skye involving actors, musicians and poets, 300 school children and 15 seannachaidh or tale tellers and, lately, an exquisitely affecting set of events for Mackay Country’s Moving Times and Telling Tales project. She is Research Fellow at the UHI Centre for Rural Health, working on the Representing Communities project, lectures at UHI Centre for History and is an Honorary Research Fellow at The School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow.

Claim of Crofting reviewed in Northings – ‘perhaps this potent mixture of art and academia could be replicated across Scotland. In a jaded age of information overload, it just might provide the spark to ignite the imaginations of those who are currently disaffected with historical and political discourse.’ March 2012


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