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Derry photoFor the past 5 years every spare moment has been spent pursuing my hobbies. My interests have taken me mountain biking in the Monadhliath Mountains, canoeing on the Spey and the Tay and ski-ing in Glen Shee, and paddling coracles on Loch Clunie. Alongside these activities I have accompanied my mum around Scotland as she has taught her basketry, coracle and hurdle courses. As a result of this I have visited the Isles of Muck and Eigg and the Summer Isles on a nearly annual basis for the last 5 years. I have grown to love the sense of community on these islands and the wonderful geological landscape they are a part of. These experiences have sparked a passion to learn and understand more about the formation of physical landscapes and human interactions with them. My involvement in Duke of Edinburgh’s award trips and other outdoor expeditions has enabled me to develop good organisational skills and taught me how to help motivate a group and keep morale high, often through singing. I first volunteered with RSGS in 2012 when I led horses along the Shinagaig Route re-tracing the steps on the highland drovers in a project called Stories in the Land.
We stopped in small towns and villages along the way and I shared the story of the drovers with local residents.
Having been selected to participate in the Cruise of the Betsy I am looking forward to following the journeys of Hugh Miller and Rev. John Swanson, and to learning about the geological and social discoveries which they made. I think it will be wonderful to share their stories with the local communities on the small isles and to understand the relevance the geology of the region has on their lives today.


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