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bill-taylorI guess I am a geographer, but I have worked in recreation, countryside and conservation management for 30 years. I am now a self-employed adviser in tourism and heritage and much of my work these days is in Sweden and Norway. Over the years I have literally been everywhere in Scotland and I have a deep and abiding love for this great wee country of ours. This will be a journey through time and through a landscape full of human stories. Sharing the journey with a group of diverse but fascinating people will make it even more stimulating and rewarding for all.

I continually seek connections with places and people in Scotland and this would offer an outstanding opportunity to do this, with others and through a landscape I have known well for 35 years. I have a ridiculous fund of obscure knowledge of relevance to such a journey; nature, history, environment, human ecology. My work focus is connecting people to heritage and this journey will be about enhancing the experience for all of the group and I feel I can help with this. I know the islands, the mountains and the glens and their stories and their wildlife and I am happy to offer this up to all. Oh and I can sing and occasionally make people laugh!

I live on the Black Isle and have long been aware of Hugh Miller and his outstanding contributions to science and civic society in the 19th century. To follow in his path will be a rare treat.


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